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1 DREAM = $0.05
Scope Projects

DREAM analyses past project outcomes and is trained by an expert community. Benefit from the success of others.

Quality Teams

Teams are built based on skills, team fit, and reputations from DREAM's blockchain partners. Work with the best.

Deliver Results

Demonstrate provable traction and hire the best. Build committed teams who will benefit from your success.


Pay for talent and premium features, and get paid for training DREAM AI.
1 DREAM = $0.05
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Min Raise
Max Raise (CAP)
Pre-Sale Starts

Q1 2019

Pre-Sale Ends

Q2 2019

DREAM Ecosystem

Virtual Mentor

DREAM Mentor is a pillar of support, an advisor, and a virtual sounding board. Trained by human intelligence, executed with artificial intelligence, and backed by blockchain-verified reputations.

DREAM addressed a fundamental problem with AI by incentivizing customer feedback with DREAM Token to reinforce AI learning.

AI Built Projects

Leverage the wisdom of thousands of experts to structure projects. DREAM scopes what’s needed then generates tasks and assigns to team members.

The system is self-learning, meaning that in addition to accessing a huge pool of knowledge, DREAM knows what project and team structures have worked in the past.

Freelance Teams

Rather than matching clients and freelancers one-to-one, broad datasets and AI open up new ways of pulling together teams.

DREAM uses blockchain-based verification of identity, work history, and professional networks to build teams.

Decentralized Reputations

Demonstrate the success of your project to future hires and investors through DREAM and our partners.

DREAM is open. Take your personal success with you and bring your reputation from other blockchain ecosystems back into DREAM.

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How DREAM Works

Why do we need DREAM?

Dreams drive our world—disrupting industries and unlocking new economic opportunities. Dreams are made possible by the confluence of thought leaders and the right talent.

Too often, projects fail because dreamers don't know where to start—wasting time and resources. This could be easily avoided with the right guidance and team.

The reputation of talent and the success of past projects is locked into closed platforms and isn’t intelligently used to build the future.

How do I increase my chance of success?

DREAM gives access to the wisdom of the collective, and success of past projects and teams. Benefit from the success of others.

How do I know what needs to be done?

As your requirements are understood tasks are created in preperation for recruiting your team.

How do I know who to hire?

As your project comes together, you're connected to suitable advisors and freelancers. You’ll get the guidance you need and add credibility to your project.

What Our Customers Say

We found top notch Ethereum developers on DREAM within 24 hours to soundly review our smart contracts and help us reach the Followcoin token sale target date.
Thomas van der Bijl,

CEO & Co-Founder at Follow Coin

With $300m of assets under management across our global portfolio of 700 companies, DREAM has addressed our urgent need for blockchain teams and high-end talent
William Bao Bean,

SOSV, General Partner

Our Vision

DREAM is the future of work—a new economy—that creates a more efficient and rewarding way of working together.


  • Hire teams and individual experts
  • Incentivized AI training
  • Hire strategic advisors
  • Buy fixed-price gigs
  • Premium services for enterprise
  • Rewards for growing DREAM
  • Partner services

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Our Mission

Create opportunity. Deliver success. Be open, honest, and transparent. Never compromise on quality. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.


Business Milestones

Product Milestones

Q2 2018

DREAM Rewards program live rebranded as DREAM Talent

Product designs and execution plan

Customer validated use cases

Q3 2018

Legal and compliance frameworks

Token sale live

Technical requirements validated

System architecture

Q4 2018

Strategic partnerships

Dataset for initial AI models

MVP of AI backed on-boarding agent

Reputation and payment smart contracts

Q1 2019

DREAM Knowledge fully resourced

DREAM Token payments fully integrated

MVP of blockchain focussed team builder

Q1 2020

Launch into startup market

iOS apps for DREAM Talent

MVP of AI Talent Bot

Q4 2019

Expand product line into new tech verticals

DREAM Exchange legal framework

MVP of AI driven team building

DREAM Exchange beta

Q3 2019

DREAM Talent covering operating costs

Leader across all blockchain verticals

Automated complex project scoping

UI/UX fully developed and tested

Q2 2019

Industry wide reputation standards (ERC725)

AI model training through domain experts

Reputation partner integrations beta

Q2 2020

Seed C fundraising (if required)

Active learning from platform interactions

Q3 2020

Expand into freelance and SME markets

Intention based AI driven process flows

Q4 2020

Corporate partnerships and channel partners

MVP of enterprise product line

Q1 2021

Launch into corporate market

Full deployment of AI Bot ecosystem

The Team


Richard Foster
CEO & Founder

Founded and raised funding for a financially regulated payments company. Twelve years’ experience as a Cisco CCIE freelance network architect in finance and energy in London. Deep knowledge of payment systems, launching online marketplaces, and growth techniques. Founder and CEO of blockchain talent site Active investor and supporter of the crypto community and blockchain technology.

Amy Diez
CFO & Сo-Founder

ACCA Chartered Accountant, Financial Modeller and Management Consultant. Associate Director at KPMG London for 12 years. Awarded the Jon Lopategui Memorial Prize for Monetary and Macro Economics at Kingston University London, in recognition of excellent performance in the area of Monetary Economics.

David 'DC' Collier
Head of Technology

25 years’ experience as a CTO of a publicly traded gaming company listed on the Nikkei. Founded three tech startups, with two successful exits. Built and designed the Rikai Labs chatbot engine.

Edaan Getzel
Head of Design

Four years’ experience designing, building and crafting fun engaging chatbots for English language learning.

Weiqi Li
Head of Product

Two years’ experience designing building and crafting chatbots for companies such as Visa, Pernod-Ricard, and Mead Johnson.

Pavel Feklistov
Lead Developer

Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and Swift software architect. Bitcoin payment system and blockchain integration. Developed the, payment system, and KYC/AML platform, while enjoying a bottle of Novyi Svit (Crimean Champagne). Developed the platform.

Subramanian Venkatesan
Blockchain Architect

Full stack developer developing Ethereum DApps since late 2015. Contributed to the Ethereum JS suite of projects. Very active in the Toronto Blockchain community whilst organizing and leading Solidity programming workshops. Over seven years of software development experience and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Lee Raj
Solidity Developer

Ethereum Developer and a Blockchain Consultant. Contributed technical content and research including technical articles, whitepapers, market feasibility for cryptocurrencies, and thesis on application of blockchain technology. Active supporter of the Toronto Crypto community and assists in teaching Ethereum Development. Co-founder of a Silicon Valley hardware startup, Quality Engineer at a Fortune 500 company, BSc in Mechanical Engineering / Advance Degree in Computer Science.

Danylo Kolesnychenko
Product Manager

Experienced graphic designer, web designer, and UI expert with six years’ experience. Responsible for the Moneo and DREAM landing pages, websites, UI, and all branding. Specialising in Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, and blockchain whitepaper design.

Sergey Mitrofanov
Infrastructure Engineer

Eleven years as a System and Infrastructure Architect. Specialising in cloud, database, DevOps, security, and high-load information systems. Responsible for the infrastructure security design and deployment of Bitcoin payment system Escoin, and administrator of DREAM.

Matt Calver
Token Sale and Compliance Manager

Four years experience in IT and telecommunications and MBA candidate. Experienced deal manager with expertise in technology, business development and go-to-market consulting.

Vladimir Popov

Head of Marketing at DREAM. Five years’ experience as a growth hacker and marketing specialist. Expert in digital advertising, Google AdWords and Analytics, social media and SEM marketing. Led multiple successful B2B marketing campaigns.

Erwin Doornbos
Head of Growth

Former Head Marketing Strategist for a multi-million-dollar cryptocurrency project. Promoting cryptocurrencies, businesses and communities since early 2013. Passionate about the digital realm, the flow of information, goods and services and crypto payments. Social Media and Community Manager, and strategic marketing.

Sam Howard
Head of PR

A PR pro and talent nurturer with 20 years’ of in-house and agency side PR and marketing experience in London and New York. Creative director on several award-winning campaigns for PR and lead generation. Specialises in B2B tech, crypto, and fintech. Lectured at USC Annenberg, Westminster University, and London College of Communication, teaching several modules in PR for BA and MA students.

Andreea Tilibasa
Social Media & Community Manager

Social Media Manager and Copywriter at Communications expert, delivering creative copy with an authentic connection to blockchain. Dedicated to helping brand’s exposure grow and always keeps an eye on new ways to improve engagement rates. When she’s not working on building communities, she spends time sketching her soon-to-be famous comic series.

Advisory Board

Darren Camas
Advisory Board Chairman

Senior Advisor to Emurgo, the venture builder for the Cardano, the #2 global blockchain platform by marketcap. Formerly CEO of BitNexo, named top FinTech startup in Latin America 2015 by BBVA. Deep knowledge of cryptocurrency, former head of BizDev for TradeHill the world’s first multicurrency crypto exchange in 2011, and has managed crypto startups in Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

Daniel Shapiro
Artificial Intelligence (PhD)

Co-Founder & CTO at Lemay Solutions Consulting Inc. A driven CTO with a broad background in high tech research, development, commercialization, and value creation. Expertise in building startups with software and hardware products, people management, project planning, and government grants. With 27 publications, 16 awards, and four certifications, Daniel’s knowledge in technology is extensive.

Fabian Vogelsteller
Ethereum Developer, ERC20, Founder Lukso

Fabian is long term open source developer, author and developer of many open source projects including Ethereum’s Mist browser and the Ethereum Wallet. Together with Vitalik Buterin he proposed the ERC20 token standard, which spurred a new era of tokenised investment and crowd ownership.

Bertrand Theaud
Blockchain Legal Expert

A seasoned legal expert who practiced for several years as a corporate partner in international law firms. Now a partner in his own Shanghai based boutique law firm. Also, an aviation fanatic who has successfully launched and exited ventures engaged in airlines pilot training. More recently, his interest in entrepreneurial projects brought him to develop expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, acting notably as advisors/counsels to ICOs.

Adam Dossa
Blockchain Developer

Active developer in the blockchain space, contributing to both commercial and open-source projects. Head of Technology at Polymath, founder of Enclaves DEX, developed or audited contracts for district0x, Aragon, Spectre.AI, BlockMason, Aventus, MelonPort, and many other blockchain organisations. Background in FinTech, venture capital and machine learning.

Avadhoot Kulkarni
Marketing Expert

Co-Founder & CMO of Indorse, a Decentralized Professional Network. Excels in building strong brands and communities. Expertise in End-to-End Marketing — from Strategy to Execution. Embraces a growth mindset, innovations and continuous learning, which eventually brought him to the Blockchain.

Adrian Smith
Business Strategy (PhD)

PhD, MA with Professional Research Diploma, supervises PhD’s and has written business plans for startups that raised millions from VC’s. Successfully exited his own startup. Leading on projects using machine learning, algorithmic computing and other technologies for the purposes of complex prediction. Led the production of the market analysis and business case for DREAM, and Moneo.

James Welsh

Early investor and CMO in Early investor and supporter of DREAM. A seasoned entrepreneur and growth hacker who exited his first startup at €1m. Founder of; raised €1.5m in Spain's most successful crowdfunding campaign. Now watches tech startups from the comfy seats in his Barcelona bars.

Paul Gordon
Blockchain Strategy

CEO at blockchain startup Quantave: the institutional gateway to digital asset liquidity. Former derivatives trader at HSBC London. Board member at UK Digital Currency Association, Director at Coinscrum London – the world's largest digital currency meetup group.

Jorge Rodriguez
Blockchain & Platform Security

Ethical hacker since childhood, security expert, blockchain developer, marketing and social media manager, project manager. Jorge Rodriguez is passionate about technology which is considered one of the greatest security experts in the world of CryptoCurrencies.

Nate George
Strategic Advisor

Crypto investor, researcher and strategist. Cryptoasset Fund Manager. Crypto fundraising expert and token sale advisor.


#4 investor globally in blockchain startups with USD$300m annually under management.
USD$255 million under management across three funds.
#8 investor globally in blockchain startups and #1 accelerator in Asia.

DREAM Partners

Decentralized Resumes

Bring your provable decentralized work history onto DREAM.

Community Management

The 24/7 community face of DREAM on Telegram, Reddit, and BitcoinTalk

Decentralized Business Network

DREAM will draw from Indorse’s skills validator, and the ratings and performance from DREAM will enhance the claims on an Indorse profile.

Mobile Only Accelerator

Providing teams and deal-flow for world-leading Taipei based accelerator with 165m+ users.

Shanghai Startup Incubator

DREAM will on-board blockchain innopreneurs, perform initial validation, and then pass to IGenesiis.

Asia's Leading Business Network

Providing access to 3000+ investors for startups that launch through DREAM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is DREAM running a token sale?

DREAM is running a token sale to develop the DREAM Talent platform into the fully functional DREAM ecosystem and grow the community.

Future customers will benefit from discounted tokens to launch their projects and startups within DREAM.

Will there be a pre-sale?

Pre-sale token buyers will receive a 40% discount on tokens.

How can I join the whitelist?

Token buyers need to be verified through our secure KYC partner.

Yes, DREAM will require that all participants undergo KYC/AML checks to ensure the project is fully compliant with financial regulations and laws in the British Overseas Territory Gibraltar.

More information about the KYC process can be found here.

Team and Founder tokens are coded into the smart contract to be cliff vested over a period of 36 months. Advisor tokens are vested in the same fashion over a period of 24 months.

DREAM Tokens which are not sold will be reallocated to the Reserve Pool. Policies will control how unused tokens can be used by DREAM.

DREAM will provide regular updates via the DREAM blog, official newsletters, and official social media announcements on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, BitcoinTalk, and Telegram.

DREAM strongly recommends that users participate through either MetaMask or MyEtherWallet. Detailed instructions can be found here.

Do not transfer Ethereum from an exchange such as Coinbase. is a live marketplace already accepting Bitcoin. A priority will be to expand the DREAM payment system and accept DREAM ERC20 Tokens.

The development strategy facilitates rapid and modular development cycles, with an MVP for the DREAM project targeted early 2019.

The World's Leading Blockchain Talent Platform

Hire Hand-Picked Blockchain Talent

Verified blockchain freelancers, hand-picked to deliver large projects or one-off consulting gigs


Only 6% of freelancer applications
are approved on DREAM


Over $10M worth of jobs posted
on DREAM so far


Over 97% project success rate
and happy clients

Moneo (now DREAM Talent) handled 1000+ projects

Ready to seed DREAM AI with blockchain talent

The foundation for DREAM Reputation

Ready to accept DREAM Tokens for payments

Technical Influencers

I am happy to help DREAM to make their blockchain reputation and identity system open and aligned with standards such as the ERC725 Blockchain identity I proposed. I encourage collaboration within the community and the different platforms. Open identity and reputation systems are essential to give back control to the user, increase trust and transparency, while allowing users to take their data everywhere, and outlive any platform.

Fabian Vogelsteller,

Ethereum Developer, ERC20, Founder Lukso

DREAM is more than a ledger. It connects people with projects in a way that feels intuitive. The machine learning techniques we designed for team assembly in DREAM are state of the art. The problem with traditional assignment algorithms is that they are set up with the wrong objectives, injecting bias toward pushing transactions rather than building the best team. DREAM is different - our goal is to build the best teams, including AI-based agents.
Daniel Shapiro,

PhD, Machine Learning Expert, CTO & Co-Founder of

DREAM in the Media